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Manufacturing and wholesale distribution payments

Offer your customers fast, secure and seamless payment options with our specialized solutions for manufacturing and wholesale distribution. Get paid faster and for less utilizing convenience fee billing and ACH payments. 

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Diversified Payments provides a simple, secure and flexible platform with practical automation tools that streamline operations and increase security and visibility into your overall business operations. Easily integrate into the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and improve payment transactions management. Whether you need solutions for multiple departments, locations, or users, we reduce risk and losses due to fraud, allowing your business to accept more orders. Your customers can choose how to pay, whether it’s online, via mobile device or at your place of business.

We simplify payments so you can focus on running your manufacturing or wholesale distribution company.

Secure payment services

As businesses increasingly rely on ecommerce and customers expect faster, more convenient transactions, incorporating higher levels of security is essential. Our payments platform reduces risk with a recommended multi-layered approach that protects sensitive data from multiple payment threats.

Validated point-to-point encryption (VP2PE) and tokenization protects your customers’ payment information. Payment data is useless to fraudsters making it safe in transit or at rest but remains easily accessible for recurring transactions or future payments.

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) provides businesses a convenient way to expedite collections and decreases fraud and human error by eliminating manual card entry and enabling electronic invoicing. Accept partial payments, bundle invoices and automate past-due reminders. Real-time invoice tracking makes record keeping and reconciliation easy and efficient.

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Current integrations

We currently integrate with the below ERP platforms:

  • CDK

  • Infor

  • INxSQL

  • IntegraSoft

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

Why Choose Diversified Payments?


Since 2008, Diversified Payments has been a trusted provider of secure and reliable payment solutions for thousands of merchants across various industries and sizes. Our management brings over 25 years of expertise in the processing space, ensuring unparalleled support and efficiency for businesses throughout the United States. 

Transparent Pricing

Discover peace of mind with Diversified Payments' Transparent Pricing. Our straightforward, easy-to-understand rates come with a Rate Lock guarantee, ensuring no hidden fees or surprises. No long-term contracts—just transparent and reliable payment solutions tailored to your needs.



With actionable data & insights, easy-to-use reporting & analytics, advanced fraud prevention & chargeback management, multi-account & location toggling, and our real-time Quickbooks Payments Sync, we have you covered. Our dashboard provides merchants and SaaS partners unmatched business management technology.

Benefits of Diversified Payments

Fast Approval

Get better processing now, don't wait. Many retail merchant services accounts are approved and activated same-day!

Free Equipment Program

Don’t lease or buy a new machine. 98% of our merchants qualify for free credit card terminals or processing equipment.

Top Rated Support

Our white-glove customer service gives you five-star treatment. You’ll never want another processor!

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Online Reporting

24/7 online access to a full reporting suite helps you track revenue and performance whenever you want it.

Same Day Funding

No more waiting for your deposits. You get same day funding so you can run your business without roadblocks.

Fee Re-imbursement

We offer cancellation fee re-imbursement up to $350 when you switch your processing to Diversified Payments.  

Request a call back

We want to hear from you. If you are interested in setting up a new merchant account with us, please contact us through the form below and we'll call between the hours of 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday. If you require assistance with an existing account, please call our customer service line 24/7/365.

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