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Towing and Recovery

Get paid before ever dispatching a truck, earn tips, compliantly eliminate credit card processing fees, and grow your bottom line with Diversified Payments. 

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Simple, secure payment options to serve your clients better.

When a customer has their car towed you don't want to give them another task on their to-do list, like visiting your main office to pay for their towing.

Your receptionist won't be happy and neither will your customer.

Diversified Payments offers valuable payment solutions that help your business save time and reduce operating costs, making it easier to run your business.

Advantages of Diversified Payments for Your Towing Service


Mobile Payments Reduce Expenses

As a tow truck company, you can benefit from the fact that you don't need a standard point-of-sale system.
Instead of having customers visit your office location, adopt mobile payment acceptance to save time and money.
Your tow truck drivers can transform their smartphones into a card reader by just installing the software. This cost-effective solution makes it easy to use email to send receipts and invoices.


Improved Customer Experience

Customers do not want an already less than ideal situation to become more frustrating. They want quick, simple payment options.

It is much easier to make payments on-site or via email invoice. This type of efficient payment processing leads to an improved customer experience.


Ultimate Customer Security

One of the top priorities of any business in any industry is payment security.

At Diversified Payments, we offer secure vault storage, so the information customers provide will always remain safe.

Eliminate processing fees

Cash Discount and Surcharge

Diversified Payments offers the only compliant way to eliminate credit card processing fees. Adding a fee on top of credit and debit card transactions without the proper technology can subject your business to fines and restitution. Can you imagine having to pay back all those fees you added to save money, and more?  Contact us to learn more about our compliant cash discount and surcharge programs.

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