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Government payment solutions

In today’s digital age, governments at various levels face the challenge of efficiently managing payment processing for a multitude of services, including taxes, fines, licenses, permits, and more. With the increasing demand for convenient and secure payment options, governments need reliable partners who can provide robust payment processing solutions. 

Powering payments for government agencies and municipalities

More than just a payments processor, Diversified Payments is a leading single source payments provider in the government sector. Through our consultative service and advanced technologies, we help digitize and innovate the payment experience for our public sector customers and their constituents.

Utility Connect
Court Connect
Muni Connect

Focus on your purpose; not payments

Your mission is to serve the communities in which you live and work. Time and effort spent on paper-based processes, payment security and validating and maintaining PCI DSS compliance takes away from your ability to be responsive to the needs of your citizens. We understand that payment acceptance is only a small part of what you do - we are here to be your partner to help streamline and secure your transaction processes.

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End-to-end transaction security

Mitigate risk through a layered security approach including encryption and tokenization.

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Simplify PCI DSS compliance validation

Reduce time and cost to validate and maintain PCI DSS compliance.

Committed to public sector

Our dedicated government team and 24/7 customer support staff are here when needed.

Request a call back

We want to hear from you. If you are interested in setting up a new merchant account with us, please contact us through the form below and we'll give you a call between the hours of 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday. If you require assistance with an existing account, please call our customer service line 24/7/365.

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