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Food Truck Payment

Discover the Best Payment Solution for Your Business

We believe in making payments simple for customers and seamless for you. Trust our payment experts to help you discover your perfect solution.
Portrait of happy woman standing at doorway of her store. Cheerful mature waitress waiting


Simple and secure transactions with a full range of terminals and smart terminals. Seamless payments whether you swipe, insert, scan, or tap-and-go.

Hands holding credit card and using laptop. Online shopping.jpg


Innovative, reliable, and secure online payment solutions for all transaction types. Give your customers the option to place orders, shop, and make secure payments online. 


Turn your existing mobile phone or tablet into a complete point of sale system with Diversified Payments and Swipe Simple. Swipe, dip, or key-in credit cards no matter where you are.

Point of Sale

Accept all forms of payment, track inventory, and manage your entire business all in one place. Our point of sale solutions offer impressive features and functionality to take your  business to the next level.

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