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Experience the Thrill of Being Part of the Premier Partner Program in Merchant Services!

Discover extraordinary partnership opportunities with Diversified Payments for agents, referral partners, and integrated-ISV collaborations.

Join our dynamic ecosystem for growth and success. Agents enjoy a rewarding career with training and live support. Referral partners thrive in our robust network with earning opportunities and a commitment to excellence. Integrated-ISV partnerships offer seamless integrations and innovative solutions.

At Diversified Payments, we foster mutually beneficial relationships, provide unparalleled support, and embrace diversity in partnerships. Explore collaboration avenues with us and elevate your potential in the evolving payment solutions landscape.

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Find your best-fit partnership

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Independent sales organizations (ISOs)

Maximize revenue and help your merchants run their businesses better. Our simple, robust payment solutions are engineered for the future and can help Agent offices and ISOs grow to the next level.

Membership associations & professional organizations

You focus on your members, and we will do the rest—providing a secure payment process to your members and clients to pay recurring fees. Flexible for you to offer different membership levels, collect fees for activities, events, and conferences.

Independent software vendors

Embed payments seamlessly into your software. Our intuitive, secure payment solutions reach customers anywhere, on any device. Monetize the payments flowing through your systems, for a predictable new revenue stream.

Merchant services referral partners & affiliates

Step into a world of endless earnings with our Merchant Services Affiliate and Referral Programs. Transform your referrals into immediate bonuses and, with ten active referrals, create a stream of ongoing income. Perfect for home-based and client-facing individuals alike.

“Success is best when it’s shared.” 

Howard Schultz

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