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Payment processing for restaurants and hospitality businesses at the lowest cost

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1. Pick Your Hardware

IP/WIFI/4G Terminal
Online Payment Gateway
Retail/Restaurant POS

2. Pick Your Pricing Model

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Interchange Cost +

Get low processing rates and complete transparency with our honest Interchange Cost Plus pricing. Only Pay for what you process.

Credit Card

Eliminate credit card processing fees by passing them back to the consumer as a flat rate. Accept debit cards at the lowest published rate.


Digital Payment
Dual Pricing

Eliminate payment processing fees with dual pricing. Complianlty offer cash and credit pricing with our automated software solution and eliminate processing fees.

Our payment processing services seamlessly provides food and hospitality point-of-sale (POS) systems, online payments & eCommerce, or standalone credit card machines. Save money while using world-class payment processing. Our customers have been telling us we are the best payment processor they have worked with.

Why Choose Diversified Payments?


Since 2008, Diversified Payments has provided thousands of merchants of all sizes and in different industries reliable and secure merchant services payment solutions. As a family-owned company, Diversified's management shares over 25+ years of experience in the processing space.

Transparent Pricing

Enjoy straightforward, transparent pricing with no surprises and no long-term contracts. We are committed to providing an unsurpassed level of customer service and to building a personalized business relationship based on professionalism and impeccable support. 



With actionable data & insights, easy-to-use reporting & analytics, advanced fraud prevention & chargeback management, multi-account & location toggling, and our real-time Quickbooks Payments Sync, we have you covered. Our dashboard provides merchants and SaaS partners unmatched business management technology.

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