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Why Checks Are a Veterinary Practice's Hidden Asset Against Credit Card Fees

Credit card fees can take a significant bite out of your veterinary practice's earnings. From interchange fees to assessments and potential chargebacks, every swipe can chip away at your profits. But what if there was a solution that could offer your clients flexibility while safeguarding your bottom line?

Enter the trusty check.

Checks: A Time-Tested (and Economical) Payment Choice

Accepting checks brings forth numerous benefits:

1. Reduced Fees: Wave goodbye to those hefty credit card processing fees! In today's landscape, credit card fees can soar above 3 percent, especially for busy vet practices handling numerous transactions. By accepting checks, you retain more of your earnings to invest back into your practice and team.

2. Multiple Check Options: For substantial expenses, offering clients the option of using multiple checks can alleviate immediate financial strain. These checks can be deposited at predetermined intervals, easing the burden on your clients' wallets.

3. Check Guarantee: Minimize the risk of bounced checks with a reliable check guarantee service. These services offer protection in case of insufficient funds, ensuring your practice doesn't suffer losses.

Modernizing Checks for a Seamless Experience

While checks may seem antiquated, there are ways to seamlessly integrate them into your operations:

1. Online Check Verification: Explore services that allow electronic verification of check validity, streamlining the payment process.

2. ACH with Tokenization: For recurring clients, consider ACH payments with tokenization. This secure system enables clients to store their checking account information for future payments, enhancing convenience and security.

Diversified Payments' payment processing solutions provide a safe avenue for veterinarians to accept checks.

Finding the Right Balance

While checks offer a cost-effective alternative, maintaining a balance is crucial. Here are some considerations:

1. Client Base: Analyze your client demographics to gauge preferences. If a significant portion favors checks, offering them can be mutually beneficial.

2. Transaction Size: Determine the suitability of checks for larger bills, reserving credit cards for smaller routine purchases.

3. Technology Integration: Ensure that your chosen check verification and processing solutions seamlessly integrate with your practice management software.

By offering checks alongside credit cards and leveraging modern solutions like check guarantee and ACH payments, you empower clients with flexible payment options while safeguarding your practice's financial stability.

Veterinarians can rely on Diversified Payments' Check Guarantee to ensure payment security. Diversified Payments: The Optimal Choice for Veterinarians

With over 15 years of experience assisting merchants across various industries, including veterinary practices, Diversified Payments stands as a trusted payment processing company.

Discover how our solutions can offer financial peace of mind and elevate your overall financial journey. Contact Diversified Payments today to schedule a consultation and embark on simplifying your financial processes with Diversified Payments.


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