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Integrated Payment Partnerships – The Key Benefits For ISVs

What Are Integrated Payments?

While digital payments have been around for decades, the industry as a whole has undergone a massive transformation over the past 12 months as the shift to online payments has become the preferred method of choice when making transactions.

In order to keep up with this significant shift from cash towards digital transactions, as a SaaS (Software as a Service) or ISV (Independent Software Vendor), it is smart to partner with an experienced provider that can make this transition within the payment processing world easier, help you future proof your business as well as stay ahead of your competition.

This is where integrated payments come in, which are changing the landscape of digital payments and are proving to be beneficial for both ISVs and their customers. Integrated payments refer to payment processing systems embedded within a specific software application. This feature allows end-users to make purchases within the software solution itself, rather than exiting the platform to complete their sale through a third-party processing company.

What Are the Benefits of Integrated Payments?

As an ISV vendor, creating a software solution that can also process payments is a gamechanger for you, your merchants, and their customers. Enable your merchants to process real-time payments, reconcile, and automate recurring payments directly within your software solution by adding a single API payment integration — without the need to overhaul an entire IT department.

Let’s take a look at several key benefits that make integrated technology well worth your consideration:

How Integrated Payments Benefit End Users

Superior User Experience

With an integrated payment processing functionality, the end-user would be able to checkout, make payments, and complete the process all on one page. On the other hand, if the payment system was not embedded, the customer would be redirected to another 3rd party landing page (such as PayPal) before being redirected once again back to the merchant’s page. This is a broken, irritating and time-consuming user experience that results in fewer conversions and potential loss of business.

Enhanced Security

Furthermore, every time an ISV merchant directs a user away from their secure site and toward a third-party processor, they jeopardize their customer’s sensitive information.

Encryption, tokenization and other security approaches have helped ease customer and merchant fears around using and accepting digital payments. Diversified Payments security features ensure the protection of personal data through the use of encrypted tokenization.

Time, Speed and Efficiency

Integrated payments solutions relieve the burden of manual accounting for merchants and reduce human error, as payment records are entered automatically into the software.

Usually, merchants are so focused on receiving payments they hardly think about the time spent on reconciling invoices, recording transactions into accounting software, and balancing financial ledgers.

Integrated payments solutions can also help merchants get paid faster and avoid leaving payments unprocessed months after the transaction was made. Considering that 9 out of 10 businesses fail due to poor cash flow, integrated payments solutions can help merchants ensure they’ll be around next year.

How Integrated Payments Benefit ISVs

Generate Revenue

By adding a payment processing API integration like Diversified Payments to their software, ISVs can increase partnership opportunities and boost business revenue through revenue-sharing programs. ISVs have the potential to earn a percentage of the revenue generated through each transaction fee that would have otherwise been paid to third-party processors to complete a sale.

Recurring revenue streams can be created through one of three common partner models:

  1. Referral Program For this model, the software vendor simply refers new leads to their payment partner, who is responsible for all sales and support functions. As a result, this model usually provides the smallest revenue share amongst the three models.

  2. Agent Program In this model, the software vendor is usually responsible for the sales and onboarding process, while the payment processor’s role is limited to training, activation, and customer support.

  3. Independent Sales Organization (ISO) Program With this model, the software vendor has the most control over the user experience and can maximize revenue generation as all sales and support functions are kept in-house.

Diversified Payments Solution for Your Business

As discussed, if you are a SaaS or Integrated Software Vendor, you need tailored solutions that benefit both your business and your customers. We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to payment solutions.

One of the most important decisions a software provider will make is how much control they want to have over the user experience. With Diversified Payments you can choose between a web-based payment portal or a fully integrated API solution that provides complete control over the user payment experience.

With one seamless API integration, you can connect your ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), web services, applications, or other legacy order entry systems to our sophisticated and user-friendly payment gateway. Diversified Payments complete set of APIs allows you to securely integrate a wide range of direct bank payment processing as well as bank account verification capabilities, payment data tokenization, account balance visibility and real-time funding.


In conclusion, integrated payments can improve revenue through profit-sharing and upfront incentives and maximize conversion rates. Clients can benefit from low-cost rates on payment processing, tokenized security, full-transaction lifecycle reporting and seamless onboarding. WIN-WIN!

Regardless of the revenue model, it’s helpful to work with a payment partner that provides a dedicated team of sales specialists who are: experts in your industry, willing to learn your software, and have an understanding of your clients’ needs.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss becoming an official Diversified Payments partner.


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