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Auto dealers: Use Checks to Avoid Credit Card Surcharges

Auto dealerships often find themselves grappling with the dilemma of ensuring a smooth payment process while maintaining customer satisfaction. Surcharging fees on credit card payments can quickly complicate that process. As dealerships strive to strike a balance between profitability and customer happiness, embracing checks emerges as a refreshing and profitable alternative. And with Diversified Payments and CrossCheck in your corner, the inherent risk in accepting checks can be completely nullified with guaranteed payment.

The Problem with Surcharges Surcharging undoubtedly presents a double-edged sword. While it allows businesses to offset the costs associated with credit card processing, it can inadvertently alienate customers. The mere mention of an additional fee tacked onto their purchase is enough to raise eyebrows and potentially sour the overall buying experience. Furthermore, customers can perceive surcharges as a hidden price hike. Suddenly, the price they initially agreed upon balloons, leaving them feeling duped and frustrated. This not only jeopardizes customer loyalty but also risks driving potential sales away. After all, today's consumers have plenty of options; they can easily shift their business elsewhere.

Checks Equal Customer Satisfaction This is where embracing check payments steps in as a smart solution. Checks have an air of familiarity and reliability that customers appreciate. They offer a sense of control, allowing buyers to manage their funds within their comfort zone. By choosing checks, dealerships can present a unified, all-inclusive price that resonates with customers. This fosters trust and goodwill, bolstering the customer-dealer relationship. The absence of surprise fees ensures that customers leave the dealership with a positive impression, increasing the likelihood of referrals and repeat business. Eliminate Risk with CrossCheck However, it's important to acknowledge that check acceptance is not without its challenges. There's a perceived risk associated with accepting checks, mainly due to concerns about bounced checks. This is CrossCheck, a trailblazer in the payment solutions industry, enters the scene. C.A.R.S. - our innovative suite of services tailor-made for auto dealers - will alleviate the risks tied to check acceptance. CrossCheck's innovative offerings extend beyond traditional methods and guarantees funds from a customer's checking account, even without necessitating a physical check. This seamless approach not only minimizes the risk of dealing with bounced checks but also expedites the payment process, benefiting both parties involved. CrossCheck's commitment to mitigating risk and optimizing the check acceptance process makes Diversified Payments an ideal partner for auto dealerships. Dealerships can confidently offer check payment options without fearing financial setbacks. This not only showcases a commitment to customer satisfaction but also enables dealerships to tap into a broader customer base that prefers the personal touch of check payments. With Diversified Payments and CrossCheck's advanced solutions, the perceived risks associated with check acceptance are effectively neutralized, allowing dealerships to enjoy the best of both worlds - a seamless payment process and happy, loyal customers.


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