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Text to Pay

Messaging enables businesses to collect payments via text, chat and instant messaging – the way your customers want to pay.

Texting on a Crowded Street

Reach Customers Instantly - Over Text and Chat

Diversified Payments can help you:

  • Extend billing and invoicing delivery to new communications channels and get paid fast

  • Expand commerce to text and chat conversations with orders, authorizations, and payments

  • Reduce security vulnerabilities and improve the customer experience

Accelerate Accounts Receivable

Did you know that 98% of all text messages are read by the intended recipient and the average response time to a message is -3-minutes? Adding text or chat based commerce places your business in a league of your own with 6x faster payments than paper billing and 3x faster remittance over email invoicing.

Expand Your Product Offering and Expand Your Customer Base

Text and Chat channels are quickly becoming the preferred way to communicate between a business and a consumer. It's faster, more convenient, and, with payments embedded, many times more effective than email, voice, or paper. 

  • TXT2PAY for recurring payments

  • TXT2PAY for subscription payments

  • Replace paper billing or email invoicing

  • Call center PCI compliance

  • Turn support chat into a profit center with sales and payments

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