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Payment Terminals 

Accepting all major credit cards for your business is essential in today's economic environment. Diversified Payments will provide your retail business with a processing solution that fully satisfies the needs of you and your customers. 
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Dejavoo z11

The Z11 has a thermal printer, accepts magnetic stripe and EMV cards, supports NFC contactless payments, supports on screen signatures, and is one of the smallest terminals that we offer. 

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Valor Paytech

Valor hardware includes the VL 100 Countertop POS, VL 110 Handheld POS and VL 300 Pin Pad.  The terminals feature a large 4 color touch screen with bult in LED flash light technology and come Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPRS ready.  With many merchants moving to contactless payments, the paperless receipt and contactless card/phone scanning options for these terminals is a no-brainer.



PAX A920

This mobile device features a color display screen, receipt printer, barcode scanner, AND a built-in payment terminal. Access and add third party applications with ease. 


Pax A80

Versatile enough to work as a countertop or indoor portable payment terminal thanks to its optional battery backup. Always running at peak performance, full connectivity means the A80 is a reliable workhorse that will process payments safely and fast, even during the busiest hours.