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Powerful Surcharging Made Simple. 0% Credit Card Processing. 100% Compliance

Empower your business with true 0% credit card processing. Diversified Payments makes payments fair for everyone by offering technology-automated compliance with surcharging rules.

Zero Cost
You keep 100% of every credit card sale: when you sell $100, you receive $100. Pay only for debit card transactions.


 Fully Compliant
We’re experts so you don’t have to be. Our turnkey solution complies with all the rules and automatically has you covered.

Customer Friendly
Surcharge passes on the fee for credit card transactions only. Your customers can always choose debit as a no-fee option.

Contact us to learn more about compliant surcharging
Sell $100 on a credit card, receive $100 in your account.
You Pay                                                                       0%
Your Customer Pays                                              3.5%
Sell $100 on a debit card, receive $98.75 in your account.*
debit card 2.png
You Pay                                                       1% + $0.25*
Your Customer's Fee                                               0%

*Debit card pricing varies among processor platforms. Please confirm your debit card pricing by reviewing your agreement with the payment processor.

On some processor platforms, commercial debit cards are assessed a rate of 3.38%.

Key-entered debit transactions on the Surcharge Terminal do not qualify for the 1% + $0.25 rate. To achieve the 1% + $0.25 rate for key-entry, we invite you to sign up for the Virtual Terminal.

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