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Card and Cash Price List

This price list reflects the Card Price and its discount Cash Price at every price point from $0 to $500.00. This does not include applicable state and local taxes.

Please refer to the business for more detailed pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two prices for items?

We offer a Card Price and a Cash Price for all our goods and services in store.

Why is the card price higher?

The Card Price is our regular price. We offer a discount on transactions paid for with cash.

Is this a surcharge?

This is not a surcharge. A fee is not being applied to any tender type. We simply have a Card Price and Discounted Cash Price.

Are you surcharging debit cards?

No, we are not. A surcharge is an added fee on top of a credit card transaction. We do not add a fee to any transactions. We simply offer two prices in store. A Card Price and Discounted Cash Price.

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