Diversified Payments delivers solutions for every payment on campus. Higher Ed institutions can leverage a secure, complete and unified platform to ensure more convenient ways for parents or students to pay tuition and fees while ensuring administrators have complete control and visibility of every campus transaction.

Students, parents and alumni pay when, where and how they want with a consistent, user-friendly experience across all bill-pay channels.

OPTIONS STUDENTS, PARENTS AND ALUMNI PREFER — They want: more payment and paperless options coupled with a dependable, user-friendly experience across all payment channels. 

CAMPUS-WIDE USE — Accept payments for donations, housing, dining, the bookstore, athletic events, parking, development, at the comptroller’s office, and more.

POWERFUL & ROBUST RECONCILIATION — A single view to all payments makes reconciliation the easiest part of your operation. Reports reflect all payment channels (web, IVR, mobile, counter, etc.) and all payment types (debit, credit, eCheck) as well as 3rd party payments. 

FAST AND EASY IMPLEMENTATIONS — Diversified Payments has directly interfaced with many customer information systems (CIS). Our deep CIS and data migration experience makes it simple and quick to move to a modern, feature-rich ePayment and eBill platform. 

CAMPUS-WIDE PCI COMPLIANCE AND SAAS — Level 1 PCI Compliant and completely hosted – Diversified Payments shoulders the burden of compliance and payment security for you. 

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE CONTRACT — Eliminate the complexity of disparate systems! Our single-vendor solution provides all the essential components of a successful and complete electronic bill presentment and payment program.


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