We provide you with what you need

  • free signage explaining the program to your customers.

  • free Cash Discounting software

  • free equipment options.

What Cash Discounting eliminates

  • no monthly or annual costs

  • no statement fee

  • no batch header fee

  • no PCI compliance fee

  • no contract commitment

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Why the Cash Discount Program is Fair

Which of your customers currently provides higher margins for your business: cash paying or non-cash paying customers? Cash, right?

But are you doing anything now to incentivize these more profitable clients? Cash Discounting gives you an easy way to reward them for paying with cash. More than half of your customers are going to pay with non-cash tender, so you have had to price all of your products in a way that off sets that cost. Your cash paying customers are paying the same amount with no benefit. The current system is not fair to your cash paying customers. That is why we invented our Cash Discounting program. Cash Discount is truly fair to all of your customers.

Why Cash Discounting is fair to you:

The costs to accept non-cash payments has climbed. Why?  Card issuing institutions charge you to accept their cards and then often give some of what they charge you back to your customers in the form of rewards like cash back programs. Your customers are incentivized  to use credit cards even when they have the cash, just so they can get the rewards. The consumer gets the rewards that you funded. But Cash Discounting makes it fair to everyone. The one who gets the benefit absorbs the costs.

With Cash Discounting, you have the power to protect your business. They can offer the cardholders whatever they like, and it will not cost you a dime. That is why thousands of business owners across the country are embracing our Cash Discount program.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to take control of your margins and reap the benefits of this cutting-edge cash discounting program. If you are sick of paying thousands of dollars from your profits at the end of the month for payment processing costs, this is your solution. Contact us today to see if our Cash Discount program is right for your business.

Get started saving money with our Cash Discount Program today!