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The Brody Self Group

Broaden your payment options by including credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments. Additionally, save on processing costs by taking advantage of dual pricing.

Game-changing, personalized payment solutions.

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Solutions that allows you to accept multiple payment types with state-of-the-art terminals that are easy to use and reliable.

Man making an online payment.

eCommerce and Virtual Terminal solutions enable you to accept credit cards from your computer or website with ease.

Man Making a Mobile Payment

Solutions that allow you to makes sales anywhere your customers are. We offer mobile solutions which open up a world of opportunity to you.

Payment terminal and currencies dollar. Finance concept and choice between cashless or cas

More Ways to Get Paid and Save

Diversified Payments offers different ways to pay for payment processing. It's your money, we help you keep more of it.  Absorb all of the payment processing fees, share the payment processing fees with your customer, or pass all of the processing fees back to your customer.

Your business. Your way.
It's never been easier.

  • Top Rated Merchant Account Provider

  • Live reps available NOW  to take your call

  • Accounts tailored to your specific needs

  • Payment solutions for any business type (In-store, Mobile, Online or MOTO) 

  • Next Day Funding

  • Accept credit cards at 0% with Surcharging

  • Real time Quickbooks integration

  • Lowest rates for ACH and Check Guarantee

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